Frear Park Ice Rink was the first enclosed hockey rink in the Capital Region, built in 1974. The lobby, locker rooms, and a few other things were added in '79, and the rink has undergone some modernization efforts over the years.


Help me complete this rink's blurb!

-How many locker rooms does the rink have?

-Is there anything in the form of concessions, skate shop, or gear store?

-What is the normal operational season length? If it closes for the summer, when and for how long?

-If a team/group wants ice-time:

   --Who do they contact? (e-mail & phone)

   --How much does it cost per hour (or whatever block of time is used)

   --What forms (if any) do they need to fill out, and are they on the rink's website?

-What are the prices for:

   --Skate Sharpening (if offered)

-What makes this rink different from the other rinks in the area? 

Frear Park Ice Rink

Stick & Puck- $?  (goalies must pay)
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