Clifton Park Ice Arena is a privately owned and managed facility featuring two NHL-sized ice rinks. The first rink was opened in 1989 by the Town of Clifton Park, and a second rink along with a new lobby and entrance area were constructed in 2001. The main tenant is Clifton Park Youth Hockey along with some adult and high school hockey.


Help me complete this rink's blurb!


-How many locker rooms does the rink have?

-Is there anything in the form of concessions, skate shop, or gear store?

-What is the normal operational season length? If it closes for the summer, when and for how long?

-If a team/group wants ice-time:

   --Who do they contact? (e-mail & phone)

   --How much does it cost per hour (or whatever block of time is used)

   --What forms (if any) do they need to fill out, and are they on the rink's website?

-What are the prices for:

   --Skate Sharpening (if offered)

-What makes this rink different from the other rinks in the area? 

Clifton Park Ice Arena

Stick & Puck- $8  (goalies must pay)
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Main lobby


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