Why I Started Capital Region Hockey

   If you're anything like me, you don't want to check a bunch of different websites to find ice time around the Capital Region. Some rinks put their schedules up dilligently before the 1st of the month, some don't. Some upload them as a pdf, some just have text on a page. Some don't update their schedules until a week into the new month!


   I wanted ONE PLACE to go to for information, but nothing like that existed, so I made it myself. My goal is to have every rink from Bethlehem to Saratoga covered eventually, but a few rinks make that frustratingly difficult. For now, I've got the 7 most popular rinks. Not too shabby.


I'm doing this for YOU.


For me. For anyone and everyone who plays adult hockey in New York's Capital Region. I'm paying for this site out of my own pocket with no reimbursment or revenue from anyone. So please take it easy on me if you see something that's not quite right. There are a lot of things about the way adult hockey in this area is organized that bug me. I'm determined to fix them all, one step at a time...

Stop checking multiple websites to find out when you can play.
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